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Learn and train Tekla

with project-based consulting   

+ on your project

+ with your people

+ at your office.


Stay productive on Day 1

and have fun doing it.

no production loss when in training

no schedule impact on ongoing projects

full access to your employee at any given time

How IPROBLUE® makes Tekla Structures learning process very effective?

Local Tekla Consulting and Training | New York | Chicago | San Francisco


teklearn™ learning system

starts where you left out

based on the real project

phase 1
phase 2
phase 3

phase 1 - setup phase: 2-4 sessions of an intensive modeling giving a clear direction to get to the nest step   

phase 2 - checkup phase: 1-3 sessions of checking 3d model and preparing drawings for a production

phase 3 - summary phase: 1-2 sessions of the final model and drawings review, corrections along making a package ready for approval

by-phase: 1 session of recapturing user's skills, resolving technical issues, putting project back on the right path


Number of each phase sessions and frequency 

of by-phases depend on:

- project size and complexity

- user detailing knowledge and software familiarity

- quality of time spent by user on each phase.

IPROBLUE® "use-to-know" vs. "know-to-use" Tekla Structures learning process.

Local Tekla Consulting and Training | New York | Chicago | San Francisco

learning is the process

we will finish your project

even if your people stay busy

Flexible and transparent service is what you need from your partner. We give you the full control over your time and budget, whether consulting, training or applications development. We are here to assist you to reach your company any specific short or long term goals.

improve collaboration

download FREE Tekla BIMsight


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