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We firmly believe that automation, technology, and prefabrication deliver the greatest value for our clients. Our specializations include SELF-PERFORMING construction of STRUCTURAL STEEL, HOLLOW-CORE PRECAST, and prefabricated COLD-FORMED STEEL structures. For slim floors, we strongly recommend the PEIKKO DELTABEAM system. Additionally, we install INSULATED WALL PANELS to efficiently seal the building envelope.


The in-house Building Information Modeling (BIM) and API development team leverage the power of TEKLA STRUCTURES and TRIMBLE CONNECT to streamline the entire data-driven process. This spans from estimation and modeling, through to the creation of shop drawings, fabrication, installation, and project management.


Our focus is on delivering efficient and cost-effective results for a variety of project types, including self-storage, warehouses, and multi-story buildings where the PEIKKO DELTABEAM system is particularly effective ensuring both efficiency and cost-effectiveness for mid- and high-rise buildings.

How DATA-DRIVEN self-performing GC|CM differentiates from

traditional General Contractor?

Data-Driven General Construction (GC) firms leveraging Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) are more adept at delivering innovative, efficient, and sustainable construction projects than their traditional counterparts. By harnessing technology, data analytics, and digital collaboration, they not only improve project outcomes but also adapt swiftly to the evolving demands of the industry. This modern approach gives them a competitive edge, enhances efficiency, and promises superior results for clients. Here are some key areas where Data-Driven GC firms outshine traditional General Contractors:

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